About Us

Experience expert craftsmanship with In Vogue

In Vogue is lead by experienced carpenter Brad Smith, who believes that first-rate timber flooring service and advice should be ready and available for everyone. We have years of experience providing professional advice and services for our clients. Whether they have needed flooring installation, surface restoration, preparation, removal or any other help, we’ve been able to assist our clients in all kinds of important design and planning choices.

Experience expert craftsmanship with In Vogue

What we offer

Breathe life into your home today with timber flooring. Our team sources and works with the best materials and experts in the industry to ensure that you get the results you’ve dreamed of. We understand that floors not only have to look great, but last a lifetime, so when you choose our high-quality timber flooring, you get a sturdy and beautiful surface at an affordable price. Contact us today and we’ll come to you. For more information, check out our range of timber flooring services.


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